What exactly are Douchechillz?

Douchechillz are the curiously uncomfortable sensation of second-hand embarrassment. They can be evoked by witnessing something that’s douchey, lame, awkward, corny, or even creepy.

What do douchechillz mean to you? Submit a photo, vote in a poll, or comment on a post to let us know.

Are DoucheChillz bad?

No, they’re fun! Particularly for people who find pleasure in the uncomfortable: people who engage carnival barkers in conversation, pause their channel surfing for questionable local ‘event’ coverage, and frequent community theater productions.

Douchechillz can serve as useful evolutionary signposts. When something gives you douchechillz it usually suggests someone or something — or humanity in general — is responsible.

Where are the rest of the FAQ’s?

We haven’t been FA’d that many Q’s yet, but for now, why not enjoy the FAQ page of that actor Jeremy Sumpter and find out the pressing issues on the minds of Sumpter-maniacs.

Wait. Who is Jeremy Sumpter?

Jeremy played the great douchechilling domestic abuse victim turned Grade A jerk, J.D. McCoy, on Friday Night Lights.

Why are you sending us to Jeremy Sumpter’s website?

We love Jeremy’s acting work but are even more in awe of his choice in web design.

JD McCoy's Jeremy Sumpter - website

It was good in 1998 and it’s good now.  Stick with what works.

What are some of DoucheChillz.com’s favorite FAQ’s from JD – I mean – Jeremy’s website?

See following FAQ’s.

What does Jeremy like to do on your [sic] free time?

Play basketball, football, pool or golf.

Has Jeremy ever been skiing or snowboarding?

Yes, he has done both.