09 – “Summer”

A shortened version of the douche name Summer’s Eve, and a woman’s name. A Summer is the woman in a given situation who is indouching the chillz.… More

10 – “Leaping Lizard”, The

A person, company, or item caught in the act of trying to “make the leap” from one profession, function, reputation, or service (see: John Mayer trying to make the leap to stand-up comedy, by sneaking jokes into his music act, or Daniel Radcliffe and James Vanderbeek taking on hyper-perverse film roles in efforts to now be perceived as “adult” actors). SEE: John Mayer Comedy …… More

11 – “Dances With Eyes Closed”, The

Like the cool cat who seems to “Dance like No one’s Watching” but is totally doing it for “the Benefit of All Those Watching,” Dances With Eyes Closed is someone who performs an action in such a way as to suggest being unaware of or totally unconcerned with the opinions of others. Exhibited by: 1. Eyes-closed dancers 2. A shirtless young man running through …… More

12 – “Doubter of Ears”, The

Upon making a joke, and receiving no response, The Doubter of Ears questions the hearing abilities of the listener; s/he often evolves into a Try Try Again’er. Example: After receiving no response the first time, the Doubter of Ears will repeat the statement “You get that outfit at Tar-Jay?” Then, upon no response: “Ya, know, Tar-JAY, like it’s fancy? Like it’s French?”… More

13 – “Antidouche”

An antidote to douchechillz…not to be abused! Often a video, photo, or story that exudes heart warming sincerity and/or anti-lameness. While it is immensely fun and important to face and feel Douchechillz, occasionally, it can be challenging to bounce back, particularly after a hard hit of chillz.… More