01 – “DoucheChillz”

1. the curiously uncomfortable sensation of second-hand embarrassment, brought on by witnessing an action (or person) that is douchey, lame, awkward, or corny. 2. The thrill and agony that comes with witnessing a social disaster. Wincing in embarrassment after watching a slightly offensive punchline that, announced with pride and excitement, meets with complete silence. The shuddering evoked by the novelty t-shirt worn by …… More

02 – To “Indouche Chillz”

To indouche chillz is to induce douchechillz. A Chillz Indoucher is a person or thing that indouches chillz. Sometimes abbreviated as simply an Indoucher.… More

03 – “Chillee”

The lucky recipient of those moments, the chillee might both recoil in horror and simultaneously rejoice that he/she is not that guy.… More

04 – “Pusher”

“Hey, look at this.“ Have you said that to a friend, loved one or coworker? Excited to share a disastrous or embarrassing video, song, image, or article? Then you are a Chillz Pusher.… More

05 – “DoucheShillz”

Celebrity endorsements of a product that makes you makes you wish some entertainers would just go bankrupt with some dignity. Example:  … More

06 – “Chillean Sea Bass”, The

A euphemistic and/or code word used in public settings (such as, at work) to alert a fellow researcher to the presence of something douchechillian. This is useful if a researcher accidentally exclaims “oh my god” in response to witnessing something douchechillian and wants to quickly cover up her reaction by pretending to have gasped remembering a delicious meal. i.e. “Oh My God…I had the …… More

07- “Chillart”

The confident fool that rushes in to blurt out what he/she believes to be a funny line that was obviously found on a coffee mug in the office break room. These are thankless warriors that bring us the satisfying gasps.… More

08 – “Gil”

A shortened version of the douche name Massengil, and a man’s name. A Gil is the man who in a given situation is indouching the chillz.… More