WOLFPACK needs you!



Not to miss!  Room available in Stuyvesant Town…Chillz will render “unlimited AC” unnecessary.

Get your paw in the door, fellows. A member of this Stuy Town “wolfpack” is leaving his room vacant for the month of June. The question is, are you beast enough to walk in his tracks this Summer? Can you run with the big boys? They sound like a super open-minded group. Their only real requirement is that you’re exactly like them.

We’ve bolded our favorite parts.

$1350 / 1br – Looking for a new member to join the Wolfpack (East Village)

We are sad to announce that a member of our Wolfpack will be leaving us for the month of June. As sad as this makes us, we are excited to add a NEW wolf to our pack in his absence. If you havent enjoyed this posting so far then we arent going to get along, so you should probably just stop here:

Heres a little info about the apartment and the room that is available:
- 14th and Ave B, 3 bedroom apt in Stuyvesanttown. ONLY 1 room is available for JUNE ONLY.
- Nice Kitchen – Ice machine always works
- Nice/BIG bedroom (unfurnished but can easily fit up to a king if necessary)
- Room comes with unlimited AC – and it blows so cold, ive kept mine at 60 degrees for a year now
- Furnished living room most likely with cable
- Heres the same apartment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4Aw55VORg4

Here’s a little about us: We are 24/25 years old, have good jobs, work really hard during the week but like to party hard Thursday-Saturday (Sometimes more…..). Both of our favorite drink is whisky and we often compete for who can bring home the most girls (I am currently winning…but its still a very close race). We went to school at Duke and University of Florida..

If you are interested respond with the answers to the following:
- How old are you? If you are not willing to answer this then you are too old.
- Do you have a girlfriend? Is she hot? Will she be around all the time? If so, can she cook and does she have hot friends?
- Do you have anything cool to add to the apartment (electronics, jetski, a rich aunt who will buy us booze, ninja weaponry, etc)
- What is your favorite drink?
- What is your favorite color and why?
- If you had to have sex with either Rosie O’donnell or Helen Keller who would you pick?
- Do you smoke? If so, what?
- Do you like cats? If so, fuck you.

Looking forward to an awesome JUNE..talk to you soon
14th (google map) (yahoo map)

Please let these fellas know if you are interested, and feel free to send us your responses.

And if they don’t give you the final rose, don’t be bummed. There are plenty of super chill potential roommates on CL:



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