What I Wore with Giulia: How To Dress For Spring In NYC


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Hi! I’m Giulia Rozzi, a very stylish fauxshionista. I came up with this great original never-been-done-before idea: post pics of me in my favorite outfit of the week! I hope my wardrobe inspires you as much as I have inspired me and myself.

Weather! Am I right? Sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s cold, so weird. And here I thought weather was supposed to be totally reliable. But enough about climate change, I’m more concerned with clothing change (zing!) As a fancy busy New Yorker galavanting about town, I usually leave the house in the morning and don’t come home till late so I have to dress for success, dress to impress and dress to avoid distress of the elements. It’s not like when I lived in LA or Boston and could keep a second make-shift closet in the trunk of my car and change from sweater to bikini in the backseat of my Hyundai. Nope, in New York I have to dress in a way that makes it easy for me to match Mother Earth’s emotions and Mama E is one bipolar bitch (zing numba 2!) especially in the spring. So here is an easy multi-tasking outfit for April-June.

Boots: Capelli.

Top: Vintage from L Train Vintage in Park Slope, only $5

Leggings: Cotton & cheap but thick enough so you can’t see my ass thru them.

Jacket: Urban Outfitters, faux leather, it’s falling apart but I love it.

Gold backpack: Kipling

First things first, you must own rain boots in New York City. Under no circumstances should you step in a filthy Manhattan puddle wearing flip flops, your feet will get herpes. During a rainstorm you will feel like a fucking boss skipping through a storm while other idiots stand frozen in fear unsure how to get around a mini river without destroying their stilettos. Rain boots are one of the only thing that make me feel powerful in this town, other than an unlimited Metro Card.

Secondly, get a backpack. I snagged this fun gold one at a Macy’s sample sale when I freelanced as a copywriter there last year. I liked that job, except when I had to write copy about Donald Trump’s line of ties.  I would type “this stylish tie lets everyone in the boardroom know you’re not boring” when I wanted to type “this tie is great for watching Celebrity Apprentice and choking yourself, why the fuck are you buying a Donald Trump tie he has enough money!!!!” Anyhoo, backpacks come in very handy when you have to stash the layers you will remove during the day because all of a sudden…

…the rain stopped, awesome! Now we are able to change into flip-flops (please note: only put on your flip flops if the puddles have dried up or are easily avoidable. What I said about herpes feet is totally true according to me) and have my nice big backpack to store my jacket and boots. This is great, the sun is out but not blazing, it’s about 73 degrees with a nice breeze. Perfect! Until…

…the temp just shot up to 93 and humid. Lucky for me (and you assuming you do everything I say) I am able to hike up my leggings into shorts, tie my loose shirt into a Chiquita Banana style crop top, and my backpack was making my back sweat too hard so I tossed in the garbage and will spend the rest of the day standing on the subway platform excited for when a train passes by and cools me off with a disgusting gust of sewer wind.

I heart NY!

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