Tom McCaffrey – DoucheChillz Movie Classics – Rosie Goes “Full Retard”



This week, Tom McCaffrey’s DoucheChillz Movie Classic features a clip from Riding the Bus with My Sister.

Alright, where should I start with this. This gives me serious douchechillz mainly because you can tell that Rosie O’Donnell has decided to wow us with her acting abilities by stretching herself and playing a retarded woman. When someone plays a retarded person it can so easily turn into a shit show which is what happens here. She is so overdoing the retarded act that it’s just embarassing to witness. If only she had heeded the advice that Robert Downey Jr’s character gave Ben Stiller’s character in ‘Tropic Thunder’, to “never go full retard”. I’m not positive but I do believe this may be what finally ended Rosie’s acting career. She was going strong there for a minute as a film actor and then it all fell apart. Apparently this performance gave the entire film industry douchechillz.

-Tom McCaffrey

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