Tom McCaffrey – DoucheChillz Movie Classics – Oiled Bohunk Fight Scene



This week, Tom McCaffrey’s DoucheChillz Movie Classic features “the best fight scene of all time.”

It’s one thing to act badly, but to act badly while simultaneously fighting badly, now that’s quite an accomplishment. This classic fight scene lasts for what feels like forever, but at least it ends realistically. Many cliche questions raced through my mind while watching this debachle. Such as: What they hell are they even fighting about? Where the hell are they? How is that one guy losing a fight to a woman with a broken arm? Is it even possible to hang from a fishhook stuck in your eyeball?

-Tom McCaffrey

Tom McCaffrey is a comedian and regular contributor. Watch out for more hilarious video clips from Tom’s collection of DoucheChillz Classics. 

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