Tom McCaffrey: DoucheChillz Classics – Brian Austin Green Raps



The best rapper at West Beverly Hills High School in 1995

Remember David Silver from ‘Beverly Hills 90210′? He was the geeky kid that somehow landed Megan Fox. Anyway during Brian Austin Green’s ‘salad days’ he decided to up his street cred by releasing a rap album to express the hardships of being…a rich and famous white guy who has everything. Now, I have no problem with artists branching out into other arenas but what makes this so difficult to watch is the fact that he’s taking himself sooooo seriously. He also seems to think that having black people around you automatically makes you a legitimate rapper.  It’s ironic how many black people appear in this video considering the fact that I can remember exactly one black character on all 12 seasons of 90210. But in all fairness Brian actually has decent flow, the problem here is content. He’s rapping about someone sending him to the moon or something. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I wish someone actually would send Brian Austin Green to the moon, because in space no one can hear your shitty rap songs.

-Tom McCaffrey

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