This Just In: Santa Is Pro-Christmas



Fox & Friends got to the bottom of the War on Christmas by talking to Santa earlier today in hopes of answering the question “has political correctness gone too far?” Unafraid of the truth, they ask Santa if any of the thousands of kids who sit on his lap react poorly when he wishes them a Merry Christmas. No? 100% of kids who celebrate Christmas aren’t offended by a mention of Christmas? You won’t see that pie chart on the front of USA Today.  Who isn’t celebrating Christmas?  Is Hanukkah even a real thing?

Santa and Fox “News” have had enough of political correctness.  Santa even points out that in Australia Santas can’t even say “Ho Ho Ho” because of the “ho”.  We spent 2 minutes on Google and found out that debunked this myth back in 2007 but old people don’t know how to use the Internet.

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