The Busy Schedules of a Pottery Barn Dwellers


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Pottery Barn, along with its deservingly entitled off-spring PB Teen, don’t just provide sweet home decor, but more importantly, helpful clues for how to fill up one’s life and be fulfilled doing it.

pottery barn bulletin board

Whole Foods. Whole Foods. Whole Foods. Also,  receipts make great tilted decor items.

pottery barn chalkboard

Befriend a Clifford. On chalk, professorial names really sing! Or just buy a vineyard.


pottery barn calendar

Pottery Barn accessories are no guarantee against loneliness.

pottery barn calendar - douchechillz

Don’t be afraid to bring in elements from nature. Also, bike tours through Vermont are totally allowed.

pottery barn calendar - douchechillz

Leave bare min. 2 weeks before Harvest Ball to craft twine  boutonniere setting. Day of: cut blooms with vintage scissors.

pottery barn calender pottery barn douchechillz

Collect bottles of urine along Hudson. Transfer to glass decanters. Plant peas and carrots. Fertilize veggies.

pb teen calenders

Hold on to sixteen as long as you can! Don’t overextend yourself.

pb teen calenders

Seriously! Leave time for an accidental pregnancy.

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