The Aussie Rick Santorum – Cory Bernardi



It takes hyperbolic arguments 10 years to travel from the USA around the world to south of the equator.  A 2003-edition Rick Santorum likened gay marriage to “man on dog” action.  And now, the Australian Senator Cory Bernardi has pulled out the ‘ole “what’s next?” argument that we’ve enjoyed here in America for at least a decade.  Cory Bernardi is a Liberal Senator which is the right-wing party in Australia.  Their toilets also flush in the wrong direction.  No matter what we are against men marrying koalas because that’s just dangerous.

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One Response to The Aussie Rick Santorum – Cory Bernardi

  1. George says:

    Hmm! Call me a dummy, I was certain there was a distinct difference between consenting humans marrying and completely unaware animals marrying animal rapers.

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