Two Girls, One Teen Wolf Recap Rap


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Synchronized Rap Serves Up Teen Wolf Recap

There’s a Teen Wolf show on MTV and nobody told us? What kind of friends are you guys? So now we’re two seasons behind and with our Netflix Instant queue is already backed up with that Hoarders show that isn’t Hoarders, whatever that’s called.  How the heck can we get up to speed on what these 22 year-old high school student/werewolves are doing?  Through Teen Wolf recap rap songs by these two young gals, that’s how.  These young ladies have got to be the coolest kids on the yearbook committee.

More chillz?

This Teen Wolf Recap has no doubt primed you for the inimitable  McKay Hatch, a rapping teen, with an important message about cussin’.

Maybe you just want more people singing.

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  • DJDaddyHG

    Kaitlin looks like Brody’s daughter on Homeland.