Surreal Sandra Dee and Danny Zukko Holiday Music Video


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Created exclusively for (we assume) by  John “Baby Blues” Travolta and Olivia “Newton” John, this holiday offering of Grease-nostalgic absurdism gives hope to all that we’re in for an extra douchechillz Christmas.

Seems Zukko and Dee are pretty in touch with the average couple’s experience of coming home for the Holidays.

 Travolta lands plane in I think you might like it, holiday music video
olivia newton john in bue convertible with presents

Time to dance on the Tarmac, after a luggage-less Zukko pulls his plane into his private parking spot.

Travolta and Olivia newton john christmas

Still no seatbelts for these two!

PS. A lot of people in this video look like Travolta. Anyone know if these are legitimate Travolta-ites?

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