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Are You 18 Yet? Stupid License Plate

RU 18 YET?

Good question!

Yes, I am.  Why?

Is this about sex?  There could be no creepier license plate in the World than a “catch-all” asking every and all potential partners if they’re of a consensual age for sex.

That is borderline nauseating.

“But officer, I made sure to ask her if she was 18!  Check my vanity plate, bro-sef!”

18 or not, it’s crystal clear no one should be having sex, ever with the owner of this car.

Or, wait. Is this about seeking out minors?  Because you’re a kidnapper?  That could be.

Is this about both?  I wouldn’t be surprised if this is about both.

Either way, there’s no good reason to be asking this question…on your license plate no less.  This is how-NOT-to rep Ohio.

End it,



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Greg Johnson is a comedian in New York City and a regular contributor to Check out his blog work; some of the best out there. 

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