SORT IT with Greg Johnson: License Plate DChillz #2


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You shouldn’t have.

Was “big balz” taken?

Does some guy think this plate is gonna help him score babes?

Vom.  I’d hate to see the type of ladies that are turned on by such a horrible decision.

This is perhaps the vainest of all vanity plates.

Not to mention,

1)  If you have a large package, and you choose to advertise it on your liscence plate, you are a horrible person.

2)  If you don’t have said “large package,” and you still make this your lisence plate, you are an equally terrible zero.

“Hey Dad, can I borrow the car?”

“Not until your package is as large as mine!”


The phrase “large package” itself makes me nauseaus.  So gross.  This guy really need to sort it out.  Unless it’s a woman.  That’s a whole other terrible, confusing ball game.

End it,



Listen to Greg on Episode #2 of the DoucheChillz podcast. In Greg’s episode, we discuss the following Chillz:

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SORT IT: License Plate DChillz #1.

greg johnson for douchechillz

Greg Johnson is a comedian in New York City and a regular contributor to Check out his blog work; some of the best out there. 

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