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Have you seen The Human Ken Doll?

He looks like this.

What is this?

Why does he look quite like that?

He kind of looks like a CGI.

I don’t remember the Ken Doll looking like that.

He’s a little scary.

Get away from me!!!!

32-year-old Justin Jedlica’s toned body comes with a hefty price tag, $100,000 worth of silicone according to published reports.

There you go.


What a great investment?

No better way to spend that money?

“How did I get my CGI look?   All it took was $100,000 of silicone!”

“Human Ken Doll has 90 surgeries to look perfect.”

“Look perfect?”

Ummm, he looks (and acts) like a sociopath.

Jedlica, of New York City, told ABC News he has had 90 surgeries over the past 10 years to get his buffed appearance and he doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

90 surgeries!?  And $100,000?  The Gov should seize this guy’s accounts – he’s being rich all wrong.

(Not to mention he looks like he’s definitely going to murder someone.)

Sort it out.  Why would you spend money you could use for a good cause…on 90 surgeries…

…to look like this?


The doctor is like “get out of my office now, please.”


When asked why he didn’t just go to the gym he replied, “That is so not exciting.”


Sort it.

What is he doing here?!

Is that a gang symbol?

He is terrifying.



Is he a guy or a girl these days by the way?


“Best blogger alive.” – Anon

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