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Are you a christian rapper? Do you make sexy in Serbian Dance clubs? Are you in a heavy metal band and take your lyrics seriously? Are you Will.I.Am? Well then welcome to the Douche Chillz Music section, Solid Gold HITZ. It’s a big tent and you’re all welcome. It’s like Bonnaroo, except somehow the bands are more annoying than the people. 

Check out Corky’s New Band…

Corky’s smart enough to know this is douchey. The only thing more uncomfortable would be if Zed and the Gimp from Pulp Fiction formed a rocking two-piece. The gimp would definitely be the Meg White.

- Dan Goodman


Dan Goodman is a valued contributor at He is the creator of GhettoMyspace and the director of Skinja. Dan is a stand up comedian. Check out his videos on youtube and visit

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