“Beringer Buble!” – So Sing the Shillz


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Beringer Buble…it’s rolls off the tongue. Beringer and BubleBeringer and Buble Contest Entrant

Multi-platinum, Grammy-award-winning singer Michael Bublé didn’t just shill up for America’s favorite White Zinfandel. No, he asked millions to join the cause and become SHILLZ for the Beringer Buble partnership themselves. How? By submitting videos of themselves crooning the praises of Beringer.  Have a watch. They should send douchechillz dancing up your spine to the tune of “Haven’t Met You Yet”.

Beringer Buble and DoucheChillz – a triumvirate?

The contest is over and we don’t know who “won,” but we’ve decided to host our very own Beringer Bublé winner. Extra points went to our winner (below) due to a confession made in his video’s description: despite realizing he was ineligible, he still decided to upload his contribution.

Here are some other submissions.

Beringer Buble is one of the greatest examples of celebrity Douche-SHILLZ (the douchedorsment of a product by a shill) since Orson Wells championed a wine.


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