Seventeen Mag’s HOT GUY JARED on Turns Offs for Guys


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Jared on Turns offs for Guys and Signs he Likes You

Seventeen Magazine scours the country for Hot Guys and here’s one of our faves. Why? Cause he doesn’t just stand there lookin’ hot. He provides advice the girls want and need, and raises awareness about hideous tragedies, often with his shirt off. Added bonus? A few turn-on tips from Jared’s little brother, Josh. He might just be a future Hot Guy if he plays his cards right.


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One Response to Seventeen Mag’s HOT GUY JARED on Turns Offs for Guys

  1. George says:

    Yes! No burping! It’s so fucking gross when women refuse to hold in their gas and don’t just sit their in agony for me. No shitting either. How am I gonna string you up like a puppet for my buddies if you are going around being human and shit.

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