Republican Blues – “Keep the Change”



Here’s the story about an Obama pun that only took four years to craft. The pun? Keep The Change. 

You get it.

In this video the band Rayburn talks about how they didn’t know that the anti-Obama song would be political.  They just wanted to call the President a commie.  Their conservative passion for music has the soul not seen since that Viva Viagra commercial with the band playing in the barn.

They might have gotten a hint that the Keep the Change song would be political if they listened to Hank Williams JR song “Keep The Change.” Yes, it too is named “Keep the Change”. Hank understands that if you like the country now then you really hate the country and should move to Mexico. But if you hate the President and the government then you really love the country and should stay and drink lots of beer.

Here’s the full Rayburn “Keep The Change”

Thanks to Dan Goodman for sending us the Rayburn clip.  We’ve been tapping our toes to this tune all election day.

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