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New York City comedian Matt McCarthy created an off-the-cuff super-douchechillian little tune in honor of our new website. He did such a great job capturing the DoucheChillz spirit that we decided we really need a theme song…and a contest! That’s where you come in. Check out his work.

The Contest: Create a DoucheChillz Theme Song/Soundbyte

You’re invited to remix Matt’s little song, cover it with your ‘coustic, or create your own tune entirely. just wants a musical theme. It can be a short soundbyte or a full song. You can sing it, rap it, hum it, whatever…just shoot to give the audience major douchechillz. If it’s short, we’d love to use it at the end of our videos. If it’s long then maybe we’ll shoot a documentary over it. We’ll let your creativity guide us.

“What are Douchechillz, again? We forgot.”

DoucheChillz are the delightful feeling of embarrassment and discomfort brought on by someone or something that’s lame, awkward, cheesy, creepy or douchey.

“How do I win?”

After we close the competition, we will post our favorite entries on and let the people vote.

“What do I win?”

Winners of this contest get DoucheGear and bragging rights, and when someone sees your work on, they might want to give you a record deal. You win The Fact that You Wrote and Created the Theme Song.

Submit to Contest

Get it to us any way you can. You might:

  • Send us a file (video or audio) through the SUBMIT page.
  • Upload your to youtube, or any other media hosting website, and shoot the link to

We look forward to being made uncomfortable by your contest submissions.

Thank you.

-The DoucheChillz Team

Matt McCarthy is a hilarious stand-up comedian based in NYC. Follow him on twitter: @mccarthyredhead

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