Meet Laurel Fields, The Dancer


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This is Laurel Fields, an artist who cries, and invites you to do the same.

Written and performed by Ann Carr, generously performed for

Ann Carr is a character comedian and actress based in New York City. She was recently featured on Louie and can often be seen on your teevee presenting various commercial wares for your consumption. Watch her brilliant series at Ms. Carr co-writes The Actress with her husband, Warren Holstein.

Chillz Quotables


“We lose our pliability when we age and that’s why even when I’m just standing in market or at the bank…I just refuse to lose my pliability.”


“You are blocked, and you are stressed, and you are sad…and you are angry. And you are depressed.”

“It’s not how you slept. It’s your entire being.”


“What are you afraid of? We’re conditioned to be so afraid.  Oh my neck hurts!”


“You are not fluid. You are not getting it out. You need to get it out! Cry! I have a dance I call cry.”


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