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McKay Hatch is the Michael Jackson of . . and not for any of the weird stuff. McKay gave us hits like “Don’t Cuss” and “The Vietnam War.” But did you know that McKay also likes to dance on the beach?  Check out “Waves” because McKay wants to move a nation by moonwalking in the sand. If you got a better idea then step up, big man.


It’s like a stone upon the shore
that is cast into the sea
and the ripples that it makes
becomes waves..crashing down on your and me

Its the things you do and say
that you cast into this world
from soul to soul they go
making waves
crashing down
on you and me

(poppin’ and lockin’ begins)
I’m sending out a new vibration
to touch one soul or move a nation
i’m gonna send it out, send it out

It’s such a simple little thing
that confounds the wisest men
and you’re where it begins
Make Waves!
and crash ‘em down on you and me
(electric guitar solo)

So send it out!
Your new vibration!
to touch one soul or move a nation
i gotta send it out, yeah

(plugs his website
(reminder this creation is sponsored by the G-Rated Family)

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  • Will Braden

    I like how his topics never seem to have ANYTHING to do with one another. Don’t swear! Oh, and here are some facts about the U.S. conflict in Vietnam. Also, waves can be found on the beach!

    Also, fact check for this little bitch: Afghanistan is the U.S.’s longest involvement in a war. Boom!

  • Anonymous

    Wish he’d plug that guitar in and get a little closer to the waves crashing down on you and me.

  • rngwrm

    if you cast a stone in to the sea, the ripples that it makes get crushed by the larger pre-existing waves. f-