To Earn Your Man, You Need to Learn Your Man – Vagina Power



Alexyss K. Tylor  of “Vagina Power” (TM) tells it like it is, and her mother helps out, too. In fact, having mom around helps create some poignant cross-generational dialogue. Alexyss addresses a variety of topics, everything from the “intra-vagina” and men who won’t pony up for a plate of shrimp from Long John Silver’s…to Jack Rabbits, both the toys and the ones in the country that “hop from here to there.”

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2 Responses to To Earn Your Man, You Need to Learn Your Man – Vagina Power

  1. George says:

    What the fuck is this? This woman uses so many sexual analogies for far deeper psychological traits.

  2. Cody Breshears says:

    As a man, listening but not relating, I can see a few points that she hit spot on. Although, a woman pleasing herself for exploration, in my opinion, should not be blamed on any penis. Women seeking pleasure should not be looked down upon by any man or woman, no matter the circumstance. Life is short, and we have enough hate in this world, I do not believe that we should look down on anyone for something as simple as an orgasm.

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