The Best Christmas Movie Ever – Jack Frost



In Jack Frost Michael Keaton plays a man named Jack Frost (what are the odds?) who dies and comes back as a snowman.  Jack Frost starts off as a dad who’s too busy being an amazing musician to waste his time with his son.  He’s got a bleached comb over so you know he rocks hard.  Jack turns out to be a great dead snowman dad.  Here, from the opening of the film, the Jack Frost Band jams out on a white blues version of Frosty the Snowman.

And here’s the trailer.  What an uplifting holiday message to tell children; if your dad ignores you to play blues music and dies horrifically maybe he’ll come back to life as a snowman.  And yet people still waste time watching It’s a Wonderful Life.  That garbage is about a suicidal communist who tries to stop a man from making a profit all while relying on hand-outs.

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