Hurricane’s Over, Let’s Get Back To What’s Important



While Buzzfeed and Gawker struggle to recover in Hurricane Aftermath, DoucheChillz Sniffs Out This Guy.

This college student (we’re figuring ivy league) incisively points out that while everyone was so worried about hurricane damage, hardly anyone was talking about the programing choices at Animal Planet.

And yes, we’re all OK here at the DoucheChillz NYC offices, located in an extra fancy Manhattan neighborhood high above the flooding.  Thanks for all those prayers you sent up to the big guy.

Hurricane Aftermath – DoucheChillz steps up

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  • Jeffrey Shain

    My mouth is open. Just know words…

    • Jacqueline Novak


  • Dan Goodman

    He has the stage presence and heavy breath of a young Chris Christy.

    • Jacqueline Novak


  • simcolfm

    Cocaine is a horrible drug