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Hilary Duff Music Videos - Dramatic Symbolism

I’m gonna be brief. The song is called “Come Clean”. The video is about a rainy day. The director feels it’s groundbreaking.

-Dan Goodman

Chillz Quotables

“You always see people out in the rain, doing all kinds of rain stuff…but I hadn’t really seen a video or even a piece ever dedicated to that one emotion of being stuck on a rainy day inside the house and all the contemplative emotions”

-The Director

“She’s cleansing her soul and she’s coming into her new life as a musician…”

-Another Dude who was there

What is Solid Gold Hitz?

Are you a christian rapper? Do you make sexy in Serbian Dance clubs? Are you in a heavy metal band and take your lyrics seriously? Are you Will.I.Am? Well then welcome to the Douche Chillz Music section, Solid Gold HITZ. It’s a big tent and you’re all welcome. It’s like Bonnaroo, except somehow the bands are more annoying than the people. 

Dan Goodman is a valued contributor at DoucheChillz.com. He is the creator of GhettoMyspace and the director of Skinja. Dan is a stand up comedian. Check out his videos on youtube and visit GetDanGoodman.com


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