Guy Fieri – It’s Pronounced Feee-Air-Eeeeeee


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Our favorite celeb chef is for realz Guy Fieri.  The man is a TGI Fridays spokesperson, wears frosted tips and man-jewelry, and buys his clothes from Hot Topic.  If he’s too loud, you’re too old.  This ain’t your dad’s TV chef.  So, you best pronounce his name correct.  Here’s hows you dos it.


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  • V Lizzle

    Where is the fucking “T”??????????????????//

    • Shannon McDowell Stalkfleet

      The ‘r’ is “flipped” to sound like a ‘t’. It’s Italian!


    Who cares how that name is pronounced. Guy Fieri is a total douche

  • Gofugurself

    He’s such a fucking tool bag. Oh my god.

  • patparis

    what a bunch of jealous juveniles!!!!!!!