Solid Gold HITZ – Geo Da Silva Wants to Do You Like a Truck?


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I love that Geo Da Silva modeled his dance craze after truck driving, a profession known for long hours for little pay where the only known upside is toothless women will blow you in the parking lot for cheap. Why not, “Do You Like a Coal Miner?” Or how ’bout  ”Do You Like a 12 Year Old Filipino Trash Sorter?” Or why not choose a different vehicle. I’d like to hear, “Do You Like a Minivan” — I like it sensibly, and with enough room for two kids.

-Dan Goodman

Are you a christian rapper? Do you make sexy in Serbian Dance clubs? Are you in a heavy metal band and take your lyrics seriously? Are you Will.I.Am? Well then welcome to the Douche Chillz Music section, Solid Gold HITZ. It’s a big tent and you’re all welcome. It’s like Bonnaroo, except somehow the bands are more annoying than the people. 

Dan Goodman is a valued contributor at He is the creator of GhettoMyspace and the director of Skinja. Dan is a stand up comedian. Check out his videos on youtube and visit

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