Flash Mob Crasher Ups the Ante


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Some young people at a community college in Illinois took time away from reassuring each other that going to a real college isn’t a waste of money and living with your parents is awesome to have an unimpressive library flash mob.  It looks like one man that didn’t know the choreography thought he could just jump right in.  These cheerleaders are lucky he did because it’s the only reason the internet gives a shit.  We all love a man that will not let society tell them when he can dance or what size t-shirt to wear.

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One Response to Flash Mob Crasher Ups the Ante

  1. George says:

    The attention whores were bombed by a roaming retard. There must be a god!

    My dick’s pussy radar also spotted the blonde chick in the front. There’s probably a supermodel in the third row, but my dick is far too lazy to follow up on more than one lead.

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