Dawson’s Dad Dies – Don’t Pick Up Fallen Scoops of Ice Cream While Drivin’



The lesson here is don’t play the air-drums while driving. Well, if you are gonna play the air drums while driving, don’t use your ice cream cone as a drum stick. Also, don’t tempt the Gods by asking the “boys to give you the beat to free your soul.” As for burying your head under the dashboard to pick up a fallen scoop of ice cream, well, who doesn’t do that? Sometimes it ain’t your fault. Sometimes it’s bad luck.

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  • George

    I actually applaud their effort to end a character’s life in such an unusual way. If they killed Dawson and did it this way, it would have been the greatest moment in tv history.

    • Douche Chillz

      Indeed. We in no way condemn them for their action is presenting this clip as douchechillz-inducing.