Embarrassing Photos – “My Head Shot Gives Me DoucheChillz”


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We asked some comedian friends to send us their reject headshots — the ones that didn’t make the cut due to high douchechillian factor of their poses, facial expressions, or general appearance. This set shows us that, hey, you really can take your own head shots. It’s just a close-up in front of a plain background, right?

embarrassing photos - bad head shot - ashley brooke roberts

“My roommate took this.” - Ashley Brooke Roberts

embarrassing photos - bad headshot - comedian andy sandford

- Andy Sandford

embarrassing photos - bad headshot - tim duffy

“Felt this headshot really showed my range. I can play both terrified and homeless.” -Tim Duffy


The Head Shots of Kenny Zimlinghaus, Roger Hailes, and Heather Fink

The Head Shots of Mara Herron

All embarrassing photos

All comedian contributions


Send us your photos — professional portraits, headshots, or regular old embarrassing photos of yourself that give you major douchechillz? Tell us why.

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