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Ashley Banfield Does Drunk Girl Impression

One of the most delightfully embarrassing moments caught on CNN by DoucheChillz staffers begins with Ashley Banfield discussing a new trend: fun in the workplace. Her correspondent reports on how offices these days seek to attract employees by featuring unexpected offerings, everything from ping pong tables and skeeball to bartenders serving up drinks.

Here Ashley imagines what it would be like if she got drunk at work.

The News, The News,  and All That Jazz!

You can’t deny it;  the 24 hour news cycle has its benefits, people. Clearly it provides those artists we call newsmen time to riff. Finally, the would-be poets, comedians, and jazz men of the fourth estate have the creative space to pepper the news with their personal pizazz.

Embarrassing Moments Caught by You: News Junkies, submit!

If something indouches chillz in you, don’t forget you’re probably watching digital and able to do a quick rewind. Take a video and submit! Do it for DoucheChillz.


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