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I feel like this interview goes off the rails and it didn’t need to. An interviewer is very politely asking Tarantino questions about violence in films and Tarantino vehemently refuses to answer the question. It gets very uncomfortable very fast when Quentin starts referring to this interviewer as a slave ‘master’. Yeah, that’s a good analogy because as we all know one thing slave owners routinely made their slaves do was answer questions about the last  40 million dollar film they wrote and directed. Get ready for ‘Tarantino Unchained’. Oh snap!! Roll it.”

-Tom McCaffrey

Tom McCaffrey is a comedian and regular DoucheChillz.com contributor. Watch out for more hilarious video clips from Tom’s collection of DoucheChillz Movie Classics. 


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2 Responses to Embarrassing Interviews – Tarantino Not Slave FYI

  1. Anonymous says:

    but we do have to consider that part of being understanding consumers of the 21st century is knowing that slavery comes in many shades-sometimes as Tarantino shows us here, a $40 million film actually OWNS its creator after it has come to life. It can then prevent him/her from acting against its will. so we shouldn’t really blame Tarantino for being a defensive, unprofessional douchebag but rather blame Django Unchained for owning him and making him act this way. Tarantino’s only (understandable) mistake is in not admitting who his true master is, which is obviously not Mr. Brown-Brit reporter but rather Django Unchained.

  2. David says:

    He’s a douche lol, stop riding his dick, wtf is wrong with you clowns. All this Django obsessing is pointless, the movie is not all that deep, its a slave and a dentist bounty hunter that kills people and then rides off in the end. The imagery is carefully done just to surround it with controversy in order to make money off of it, when you take away Spike and Katt’s hype its just a mediocre film, this is why I seriously cannot stand this self-indulgent douche bag, just make a normal movie, controversy is a tactic used when talent fails, he can’t pull off another Pulp Fiction and he knows it and he can’t steal movie ideas from asia now either, dude is just a retard who is full of himself.

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