Embarrassing Interviews – Meg Ryan – presented by Tom McCaffrey


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In 2003 Meg Ryan appeared on a UK talk show to promote her film ‘In The Cut’. The host, Michael Parkinson, seemed to have a bone to pick with the actress right from the start. Things get real tense real fast as Ryan begins to get visibly perturbed and she begins to give one word answers, clearly a passive aggressive way to tell the host him to go f*** himself. The host makes things even more uncomfortable as he begins to assume the tone of a disapproving father. It’s awkward, it’s tense and it’s fun as hell to watch. These two should star in a movie together, ‘When Dick met Sally’. Roll it!

-Tom McCaffrey

Tom McCaffrey is a comedian and regular DoucheChillz.com contributor. Watch out for more hilarious video clips from Tom’s collection of DoucheChillz Movie Classics. 

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