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School’s out on the east coast so go play in the wind and make flood-water angels.  We’re boarded up in our NYC offices working around the clock to bring you the most up-to-date Sandy coverage.  Our lead reporter is this guy.  He’s in his late 50′s and probably on mushrooms which is why is eyes are open to the truth, man.  We’re all part of the storm. Reporting live from Morristown, New Jersey.

Stay tuned to for the best Franken-reporting!

Chillz Quotables:

“One thing that’s very clear working with all these trees is that everythign is connected to everything…we’re actually part of the storm.”

“We think the trees resist the storm. They don’t resist any storms, they dance with the storms.”

“They’re dancin’. They’re dancin.”

Speaking of…

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While we’re on the subject of everything being connected, and waves crashin’ and water and stuff, click to view McKay Hatch’s super timely tune, Sending Out a New Vibration.

no cussing - mckay hatch dancing


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