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One day if you’re lucky you will find someone who wants to make your closest friends learn choreography.  Because you want to get married but you’re not going to do it like boring dorks.  Show all those people in your life who are obligated to be at your wedding that you are whimsical and have dope dance moves.  That way all the wedding guests get a little more satisfaction in five years when they hear about the divorce.

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7 Responses to Douche Wedding

  1. WTF???? These people are the biggest Douchebags I have seen in years. I hate every fucking one of them.

  2. Again…I cant tell you how much I truly hate all those fucking people

  3. LeiboAdam says:

    The groom is Luke Greenfield, director of “The Girl Next Door” and “Something Borrowed.”

  4. Eliza says:

    I don’t understand how anyone could ever have sex with any of them after this.

  5. Harvey Dent says:

    This is the director Luke Greenfield – Girl Next Door, Let’s Be Cops… this is not his best work.

  6. Ursula M. Agurto says:

    100% CHEEZY!!!!! What a bunch of f*cking cornballs. To each his own I guess. Lol!

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