Don’t Fuck With Dave Coulier


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If you come into Dave Coulier’s house and insult him he might make it uncomfortable as a sonuvabitch.  A Canadian TV show tried to do an unfunny bit.

This ia apparently a set-up bit but still a fun watch.  We should have know it was fake.  if there is something Coulier does not have a problem with it is unfunny comedy.

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  • Joe Glickman

    Coulier was a bit sensitive about the “Full House” comment. I don’t think the interviewer meant anything by it at first, but then he became a real douche and threw a bitch fit. Coulier kept his coolio very well.

    • JacquelineNovak

      yes. coulier handled it well.

  • Guest

    I pretty sure that WAS the bit. The bit was supposed to be a botched interview.

  • RobertInSF

    Coulier was the douchebag here…he wasn’t prepared, and didn’t alert the producer of the bit ahead of time about what he had “planned” to do (improv the bit? Really?)…this was passive agressive and egotistical, and he needed to be taken down a turn or two to realize that he’s the talent…he get’s paid to do the bit, provide constructive feedback maybe if he wants to change the bit, or he can decline the bit entirely…but you don’t wait until they have set up the cameras, started the filming, and then just abandon the bit. That’s accepting a job, showing up the first day, doing all the paperwork, getting your office supplies or gear ready, getting your first order, and then saying….well, let’s just see how long I can sit here and not work until they renegotiate the job description!