Deloitte’s Beats are Straight Up Economical


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This CPA Rapper is strait outta Deloitte’s Chicago office, son.  His friend has a convertible so his rhymes must be tight.

The star of this of this video is supposed to be M.A.S. Too bad his star gets outshined by his hype man/driver…Scott.  We don’t know his real name but there is a 78% chance it’s “Scott” according to our calculations.  Here’s where M.A.S. becomes a supporting player in Scott’s dance video.

Is you’re mind sufficiently blown by the monotone words of M.A.S. and the fist pumps of Scott?  Now think about all the times you said accountants can’t rap.  That is a thing people say right?  Well, you’ve been proven to be not completely accurate. See below:

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