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Community Theater Dr. Watson Grants Exclusive Interview to Local News

If you want to get asses in the seats you have to promote, do it on TV, and send somebody with charisma…someone like Don “Cool as Issac” Hayes, the star of the Rome Community Theater production of The Hound of The Baskervilles, a man who will look at his notes if he damn well pleases.  Now that’s confidence.

Watch the interviewer from WKTV get right down to the important questions like, “is this production interactive”?  For all those people think that the only form of theater is murder mystery dinner theater.

Chillz Quotables:

Interviewer: Now, are you in it? Are you the director?”

Interviewer: Is this production interactive?

There have to be some moist panties out there, but you women will have to look to other community theater groups to find your own Watson. My man Don “Purple” Hayes might be all up in your brain but he’s taken.

Chillz Quotables:

“It’s was Valentines weekend 2010, she was a hooker out on the street, and I was an undercover cop looking to make a bust…not like the bust on her chest but…”

Tell us your favorite quotes from either of these videos and we’ll add to the “Chillz Quotables.”

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