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In this clip, Sylvester Stallone tries to showcase his acting abilities and it just goes horribly wrong. Stallone’s career by this point had begun to devolve into starring in sub par action films that were very light in the acting department. I think Sly was a good actor but these films didn’t give him a chance to flex his acting muscle. I guarantee you that he meant for this scene to show everyone that he was a true actor, but it just comes off as laughable. He’s grunting the whole way through the speech and he’s also not wearing a shirt which makes it hard to take him seriously. It’s a good lesson. If you want to be taken seriously as an actor for chrissake put a shirt on. Then he walks off after the speech with no shirt on. Where is he going? He has no money, no shirt and he’s in the middle of nowhere. He clearly has no plan, yet it’s supposed to show us that Rambo is a loner who doesn’t need anyone. I get that, but he is going to need a shirt and a ride back to wherever the fuck he lives.

-Tom McCaffrey

comedian tom mccaffrey reports for douchechillz

Tom McCaffrey is a comedian and regular contributor. Watch out for more hilarious video clips from Tom’s collection of DoucheChillz Movie Classics.

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