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Comedian Greg Johnson says “Yo.  Sort these photos out.”

Lady, sort it.

What is this about?

Dude, relax.  What seems to be the issue?

This guy definitely needs to sort it:

Great pic, bro!

Just try to sort this story out:  Olsen Twins selling $55,000 bag covered in pills

What the hell is this about?

Do you want to see it?  You might want to sit down:

Sort it!!!

Are those real drugs?  Is that why the bag costs $55,000?

Didn’t the Olsens get in trouble for giving Heath Ledger drugs right before he died?  Why are they rubbing it in all of our faces?

Is this an Onion story?!


Olsen, boyfriend, boyf’s daughter.

End it.

-Greg Johnson

“Best blogger alive.” – Anon

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  • Shelia

    This guy is hilarious.

    • Jacqueline Novak

      greg’s the best.