Classic Tyra – Psychic Twins Highlights


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We culled three minutes of quality douchechillz from one special episode of Tyra, featuring “The Psychic Twins.”  Virgins giggle, people cry, and Tyra shows off her intuitive abilities by pointing out an audience member’s “big hips.”

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  • George

    Lamest psychics ever. Why were the twins surprised when those two chicks said they were virgins?

    “One of you is overspending?” Oh really? What a masterful psychic ability to guess the poor couple had an overspender. They were dressed nicely and the man was unemployed for 2 years, probably because he is a self absorbed douche (again, the suit).

    Also, telling the black woman her boyfriend was cheating on her is grounds for a brutal decapitation. Imagine, a black woman’s “on and off again” boyfriend, of whom she is suspicious, is cheating on her. Real stretch, you talentless lying cunts.