Can Seth MacFarlane create a moment this DoucheChillian? From Oscars 2012


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The Actor Helps the Comedian: Oscars 2012

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While Billy Crystal’s entire Mind-Reading of the Stars bit inspired a solid minute of low grade douchebumps, Martin Scorsese delivered la Douchess de Resistance of Oscars 2012 with masterful precision. Watch as Scorsese he tries to add some pizazz to Billy Crystal’s bit by playing along. When it’s Marty’s turn to get zinged, he doesn’t just sit there and chuckle, but “helps” by “acting,” while (fake) suppressing (even faker?) laughter.

To start your viewing at the worst part – Marty’s part – go here: (Sorry, you have to watch this on youtube)

Will Oscars 2013 host Seth MacFarlane be capable of creating a moment this DoucheChillian? 



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  • Bob Hait

    could have been called “stars turning coal into diamond dust”. the level of cheek-clenching is so intense, they bypass the pure diamond stage

    • Jacqueline Novak

      haha. across the board embarrassing, but marty’s act out puts it over the top.