Brilliantly D’Chillian: Andrew Wright Pranks Fox and Friends


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In 2008, Alan Corey wrote A MILLION BUCKS BY 30, a book full of cheap money-making tips. Instead of appearing on Fox and Friends, the morning show fueled by coffee and rage, he sent his comedian friend Andrew Wright to portray him and have some fun at Fox News’ expense.

Andrew did not read the book. But you can:

Chillz Quotables:

“Oh I’m spending money now. Don’t worry! I like to joke with my friends that my next book is gonna be called ‘half a million bucks by 31‘…cuz i’m gonna spend half a million this year.”

“You are your own brand. Be that, own that, and earn off of that.”

FOX & Friends: So what’s another tip…carry a coin purse and keep your change.

Andrew as Corey: Absolutely. Sounds grandfatherly right? Well, uh, I believe we all become our own grandfathers some day. It’s an old navajo american indian saying. but i believe that’s what happens to us spiritually so what i do is I carry a change purse and

FOX & Friends: You call it a change purse? Do you have it with you?

Yes. Uh, no I actually don’t. Since I made a million dollars, I ditched a lot of these strategies. Cuz it just seemed downright miserly.

Andrew Wright is a stand-up comedian who lives in Atlanta, GA with a blind cat. While in New York, he co-hosted Here’s The Thing, named one of the “Top 101 Nights Out in NYC.” He will be on Twitter…soon? Probably today. Maybe tomorrow.


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  1. My mom watched this and asked me “did he get arrested after?”

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