Qualcomm’s Theatrical Presentation of the “Born Mobile” Generation


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Generation Y is getting old so get out the way, Grandma ‘cuz Born Mobile is on the come up.  If you remember dial-up and floppy disks you better get your retirement plans ready because marketing departments have their sights on your nephew.  Here’s a video from Qualcomm’s keynote address at CES 2013 explaining how Born Mobile is the most technologically advanced generation since the last one and probably until the next one.  To illustrate this concept, actors magnificently portrayed all three types of people.  There’s skinny white gamer, Asian businessman, and ethnically ambiguous girl that loves to text.

The gamer explained how he gets paid and laid.  He describes girlfriend as “fuego.”  We don’t speak whatever language “fuego” comes from but we’re guessing it means nice rack.

The entrepreneur guy made a lot of sense. Here is where we’re investing all of our money.

Here’s the entire Born Mobile video.  The entire keynote is an hour and a half long with appearances by Big Bird and Desmond Tutu so Qualcomm really knows what the kids are into these days.


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