A Dirty Dancing Horror – The Extended Love Scene



Fans of Dirty Dancing, beware.

Here follows a highly NSFW extended cut from Baby and Johnny’s cabin love scene.

After viewing, please weigh in below. Do you feel dirty or finally complete?

Youtube commenters vary. Some are scarred, others are aroused, and at least one thinks it’s a great time to send Patrick Swayze an angel’s salute.



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  • http://www.facebook.com/thejacquelinenovak Jacqueline Novak

    love this description of where in the chronology the (cut down version of) scene takes place: “where baby comes into his cabin thingey after her dad is rude to him after the crappy abortion”

  • Chemda

    Oh yeah! Totally!
    That’s EXACTLY how I lost MY virginity!

    • http://www.facebook.com/thejacquelinenovak Jacqueline Novak


  • http://twitter.com/1coolmama615 Sara Smith

    Wow, that’s how you dry hump! Fly high Swayze! If only I’d known sooner!

  • Gillian Weaver

    Way, incredibly HOT!!!! But she had on jeans and who wears a 1/2 slip under their skin tight jeans?

  • beth

    Why was this not included in the movie? It is HOT! Sizzling, smoking HOT! WOW! I’m going 2 go watch it again…and again n again.

  • roxanne

    omg i love it to me he really dug her and she dug him and it was so real maybe they did it without there can you not get aroused hot hot hot.he was the sexyest man alive they had sexual attraction

  • Sharon12

    Oh what i wouldnt have given to be in that scene instead of Jennifer. Whew!! Somebody throw some ice water on me!!!