DoucheChillz is thrilled to feature the work of a variety of comedians. Please meet our current regular contributors.

Tom McCaffrey is a stand up comedian. He will be presenting classic douchechillian clips from some of his favorite old movies. His youtube videos are visible here.

Dan Goodman is a stand up comedian. He curates and reports music chillz in a weekly feature called Solid Gold HITZ. He is a valued contributor to Dan is the creator of GhettoMyspace and the director of Skinja. Check out his videos on youtube. Visit

Greg Johnson is a comedian. Watch out for his recurring DChillz feature SORT IT with Greg Johnson. His tumblr is very good. It’s located at

John Early is a comedic genius. He is the man behind IT’Z ME, a douchechillz advice video series, and Lesley, the high school graduate who has never been the victim of anything. @bejohnce